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    to End Human Trafficking

    Spreading the seeds of hope

Human trafficking is a reality in our community. Vulnerable persons from Asian Pacific Islander communities are being coerced into lives of violence, wage theft, sexual abuse, and exploitation. Some of these victims are youth who go to school with your children or youth in your community. Adults you come into contact with on a regular basis may hide their pain and trauma, but there are signs you can learn about to identify possible human trafficking. These survivors are part of your community and you have the power to do something about it. Being silent adds to the shame a victim can feel. No one deserves to be subjected to exploitation for someone else’s profit.

Campaign Partners

This campaign, initiated and funded by the San Jose Police Department was a 8 month collaborative process with community based organizations and a creative team including Suzanne Boutillier and Traci Shiro. Focus groups were conducted to get input from Asian and Pacific Islander communities, to ensure the message hits home for our community! Human trafficking happens in our own communities and you have the ability to do something about it.

Realities of Human Trafficking in the South Bay

The South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking (SBCEHT) is the local effort that responds to human trafficking in the counties of Santa Clara and San Benito in California. Utilizing a trauma-informed and victim-centered approach, we are strengthening local capacity to respond to and identify human trafficking survivors. Our mission is to ensure the protection of victims, the prosecution of offenders, and the prevention of human trafficking and slavery through an effective coordinated partnership. Our vision is a world free from slavery. Our goals are to: (1) provide comprehensive services to victims of human trafficking; (2) raise awareness of human trafficking through community education and outreach; and (3) provide professional training to service providers.

We facilitate trainings, produce reports, and coordinate collaboration among law enforcement, victim services providers, and other critical agencies to identify and serve victims and successfully prosecute traffickers. Contact us for more information.

For Survivors